Powerful evaluation tools to establish baselines, identify opportunities and measure progress.

Identify the abilities, needs and personality traits of your people. Understand where they are today, guide them through feedback and measure their growth.

Connect with a specialist

Identify traits and states

Discover important qualities about clients, customers, peers and staff. Create tangible profiles around learning types, problem statements, behavioral patterns and more.

Establish a baseline

Know your people’s current skills, competencies and strengths. Understand where they’re starting from and how they’re progressing to track growth and development.

Measure program effectiveness

Do more of what works, and throw out what doesn’t. Reveal what your people value, enabling you to tailor strategies that motivate and resonate with them.

Motivate to encourage progress

Align your strategy and tactics to help your people progress. Encourage them more effectively by understanding their motivators and current state of mind.

Match people to content that matters

Help people grow by matching them to the right materials. Connect them to the right content, community and next steps, based on their needs and traits.


Gauge personality, identify traits and get to know your people’s interests. Understand what motivates your people, how they learn and how they interact with those around them.

Knowing your people allows you to help them grow and develop in the way that best suits them. This improves learning, engagement and work environments.


Evaluate assessment results to understand your people and work with their strengths and address their weaknesses.

Craft quizzes or tests to evaluate the effectiveness of programs or lessons, to gauge comprehension or to earn certifications. Design quizzes that measure engagement before and after events to give you insight into the effectiveness of your outreach or work programs.


Keep track of progress as you gather pre and post data on participants in your program, class or training. Track behaviors and milestones as individuals recover from addictions, progress through classes or work toward promotions.

As journeys are documented and notes are created, you are able to see how individuals are progressing toward their long-term goals and you can effectively assist them in their growth journeys.

Assessments help you and your people document journeys, create notes, learn, contemplate, share and reach out through self-discovery and trackable progress.

Assessment Services

Our team can help you obtain the results you need to champion your people. We help you identify the right questions and strategies to drive customization, measure success metrics for your organization and develop your own assessment tools.

Utilize dashboards to evaluate the success of your programs, leverage existing assessments into the Gloo platform, and integrate assessments to fine-tune your content experience.

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Gloo offers a full stack of products built to help you develop people, scale your organization, and make an impact.

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