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Let’s get your church connected to the needs of the city.

Gloo is a new kind of outreach platform designed to help your church reach your city in a way that saves you time, activates your team, and increases your impact. Our goal is to help your church serve more new people, and see more lives changed – each week.

Our done-for-you online campaigns are designed to help you reach people who don't typically go to church – but need prayer, have questions about Jesus, or need help – and deliver them directly to your inbox.

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More than 1,000 churches already use Gloo to supercharge their outreach


It's like having a full-time digital outreach team on staff

Gloo does the heavy lifting with proven, researched-based campaigns that are built to connect with people – and leave the ministry work to you. We'll help you get volunteers and staff equipped to help your church serve more, and have a bigger impact on your community. You don’t need a new hire, train the team you already have.

  • Always on outreach campaigns

  • 5-10 new connections each month

  • Team training

  • Downloadable resources

  • Private Facebook community

  • Webinars & local events

People love the impact they are making with Gloo.

Whether it's their only tactic, or a small part of their existing outreach strategy, Gloo helps churches supercharge their ability to make meaningful connections with the local community.

“It’s so brilliant, it’s just, it’s so brilliant. It makes so much sense."

- Tracy MacClement, S. Broadland Presbyterian

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“We are really enjoying what you guys are doing. We had our first explorer come to our church last night. She lost two family members to Covid. We started running a grief share class a few weeks ago, so she came last night and joined that. She messaged me yesterday and saying she wants to come back on Sunday, because she enjoyed the company there. It’s working and I appreciate what you’re doing.”

- Chris Chunnington, City on a Hill

"Was able to connect over shared experiences and give specific help to her unique issue. God-ordained matching!”

- Sarah Hester, Valley View Christian Church

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"We've recieved more explorers through Gloo than from other programs similiar to this. It's been really great. So whatever you are doing to get Explorers to us, keep doing it."

- Jason Morris, Westside Church

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