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Alpha International has developed an AI chatbot within the Alpha app named Beta that supports course leaders and facilitators in running the Alpha Course. It provides coaching support and opportunities to practice the Alpha Course material. This matters to church leaders running Alpha courses because it significantly reduces time and financial investments. It also benefits participants as they will have a superior experience with well-equipped leaders. Furthermore, the church benefits by potentially witnessing more faith conversions due to the enhanced course experience.


Full Description

BETA: The Alpha Assistant is an AI-powered chatbot designed to help Christian leaders facilitate better courses, small groups, and sessions. It serves as a virtual coach, expert, and encourager - equipping leaders with instant access to Alpha’s best practices and tips so they can spend less time researching and more time connecting with people.

BETA has several key features to support leaders’ diverse responsibilities and challenges. It can navigate Alpha content, recommend timely suggestions and tips, and allow leaders to practice responding to challenging conversations.

By leveraging the latest AI capabilities like natural language processing and neural embeddings, BETA understands leaders’ needs and questions in context. It compiles thoughtful, biblically-based answers instantly using Alpha course materials, the BETA persona, and an extensive database of facilitation resources.

The goal is to reduce the time leaders spend searching for information so they can focus on building relationships, caring for others, and fulfilling their calling. With BETA’s help, leaders will experience less stress and anxiety when facilitating an Alpha course. They will have more confidence in leading discussions and conversations. And their non-Christian guests will benefit from thought-provoking discussions, new relationships, and life-transforming sessions.