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Resources for Innovation

Lead your church and community in a shifting world with a free suite of trusted resources and tools.

Network Discover

By Gloo

Access best-in-class COVID-19 resources alongside faith leaders nationwide.

Curated daily, Network Discover is a digital hub of articles, videos, data resources, and more—produced by trusted organizations and made for church leaders across the nation.

 Discover Articles, Podcasts & Videos

Crisis Toolkit

By Barna

Explore a free Crisis Toolkit created by Barna for church leaders.

Access a collection of free, easy-to-deploy resources created by Barna and Carey Nieuwhof to help pastors lead confidently and make data-informed decisions in this season of distancing.

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By Gloo

Go beyond basic demographics to understand the people living in your community with Insights.

Confidently serve your people with interactive maps, in-depth analytics, and advanced reports showing the impact of family dynamics, finances, physical and emotional health, and spirituality on your community.

Learn More About Insights by Gloo

Community Services Directory

By Gloo

See how other churches are serving locally with an interactive Community Services Directory.

Find where help is available in your community with a searchable, real-time directory. Share the services you offer such as food support, childcare, job assistance, and more on your church profile.

See How Churches Are Serving Locally

Get the free resources designed to equip your church with hope to the Coronavirus. 

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