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Resource Center

Downloadable resources designed to help you succeed in your mission to change more lives.


How to Develop Effective Personas

Define your ideal audience using the simple steps and templates in this complete guide.

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Five Critical Things Thriving Churches Do Well

A complete guide to five critical things: attract, get, keep, grow, and multiply. 

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Master the Concept of Build, Measure & Learn

What you need to know to create a valuable product or service that resonates with people.

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BoostingChurchAttendance_01 (1)

Boosting Church Attendance

A deep dive on ad campaign strategies, increasing attendance, and connecting on a deeper level.

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Five Ways to Tailor Invite Cards for Better Outreach

Learn to create church invites with intentional design and relevant messaging.

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Introduction to Data

Understand the difference between first, second, and third-party data—and how each informs outreach.

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Data Dictionary

This dictionary lists all data available in the Gloo platform user interface.Get Details


Church Outreach Toolkit

Learn to identify your audience and create marketing campaigns that leverage data to create personalized experiences.

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Motivations Messaging Playbook

Create messaging specific to the  motivations that influence how your audience interacts in the market with this essential guide.

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Crafting Questions for Deeper Connections

Connect with congregants by asking the right questions, having intentional conversations, and establishing trust.

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Choose, Launch & Share the Right Assessment

We walk you through finding the right assessment, launching it, and measuring and using the results to help your people grow.

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Audience Research & Development

Effectively research your audience so you can create compelling outreach campaigns they can relate to.

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Church Analytics Resources


Church Analytics 1: Overview & Reports

Understand Church Analytics, and how to navigate between reporting views.

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Church Analytics 2: Know & Shepherd Your Church

Learn to use Church Analytics to understand your church generosity trends.

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Church Analytics 3: Recognize & Encourage New Givers

Learn to track, evaluate, and encourage new giving in your church.

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Church Analytics 4: Identify Lagging & Lapsed Donors

Learn to track lagging and lapsed giving, and recognize when your givers are asking for help.

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Church Analytics 5: Visualize Giving by Band

Learn about contribution patterns around generosity and how you can track them through the Pulse Report.

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