Our Vision

A growth market network.

We’re leveraging the same exponential tech that’s driving success in other industries and making it available to people and orgs dedicated to helping others grow.

This tech allows interoperability, connects you with other Champions, and simplifies development—so you have the tools you need to support your people and community through their unique growth journeys.

Read on for details.

The Shift from Pipelines to Platforms

Pipeline models that create and deliver value in assembly-line fashion are being replaced with platforms that facilitate matches between many producers and consumers. This shift can be seen in three familiar ways:

  1. Online marketplaces like Amazon or Uber—where buyers and sellers are matched and transactions are facilitated by the application.

  2. In networks like Facebook and LinkedIn—users communicate and share information in 360º with people in their networks. As users get value, they invite their offline connections and value increases based on the size of the network.

  3. SaaS (software as a service) tools accelerate day to day activities like sending email, invoicing data analytics, reporting, and other processes into automated workflows.

A new form of platform is emerging that combines all three.


Introducing the Market Network

Market Networks combine all three platform models. In a market network, the goods, value, services, information, and communication are focused on a complex project.

That bit about a complex project is important. Let’s look at a real-life example.

A Market Network Example

Houzz is a market network built around the complex project of home construction and renovation. Contractors, service and material providers are matched with each other and homeowners—then SaaS tools are used to facilitate transactions.

As Houzz gains popularity a virtuous cycle begins. Users invite their networks which increases the number of contractors, and service and material providers. When transactions take place, data is recorded and the platform’s ability to facilitate successful interactions is amplified.

We’re bringing this concept of a market network to the project of personal growth.

Personal Growth Market Network

Just like new home construction is a complex project, we can think of personal growth as an even more complex project.

Let’s use the case of addiction recovery as an example:

  1. Care providers are not interchangeable. In the case of addiction recovery it is critical that patients are matched to best fit providers for their unique needs.

  2. Patients are generally co-served by multiple specialized Champions (e.g., therapists, financial advisors, fitness and career coaches). Each Champion benefits by communicating and sharing relevant information.

  3. To drive growth, Champions must access outside resources like content, curriculums, assessments, and more.

  4. Systems are complex, expensive to build, difficult to integrate, and security is at a premium. Champions generally lack the resources and abilities to create their own solutions.


Benefits of Participating in a Growth Market Network

Orchestrated by sound governance, shared infrastructure, and world class data science—fueled by the fundamental principles of platform models—a personal growth market network will drive significant benefits for everyone involved in the complex project of personal growth.


Increased Security

A safe place for personalized relationships so Champions can work with their people in secure applications through engagements that track growth outcomes.

Faster Development

A constantly improving, shared database enables faster development because developers only need to create the application layers—leaving more time for what they do best.

Better Insights & Matches

By integrating world-class tools to analyze and report data into applications like assessments, content, and CRMs, functionality is enhanced. This makes it easier for Champions to know their people, match them to resources, and drive relationships.


Find and work with other Champions who are passionate about improving lives—share expertise, resources, refer clients, and track outcomes across ecosystems—so you can guide your people through highly personalized and effective growth journeys.

More Information

Every interaction is shared across the platform, generating data, which means you have more information to help you change lives, in addition to making new connections with consumers and other Champions.

Increased Transactions

A single network that brings Champions and consumers together—focused on personal growth—allows for more relationship opportunities. When combined with SaaS tools it becomes easy to exchange value, and naturally leads to increased transaction velocity for everyone.

Responsibilities of The Platform Provider

To ensure these benefits are realized there are core commitments that the platform provider must make.


When the right rules are in place, data is used ethically, privately, and with respect to the rights of those who own that data. When the technology is designed and architected according to the right rules it enables it to be applied in a way that maximizes the benefit for all involved.

Seed the platform

Platforms gain value by virtue of their use. However, they must provide value to early adopters so as to drive increased use and adoption. As the platform provider we must seed the platform with core functionality. This includes but is not limited to data, scientific assessments, analytics, SaaS tools, and an initial network of users.


An API allows developers to take advantage of tools, data, and other shared utilities so they can build customized applications without developing each individual component. A strong API has the power to tear down silos within and between organizations. With an API, process integration and co-serving is possible on a large scale. In an optimized system, data must be appropriately and easily shared across systems, applications, organizations, and between Champions.

Our Commitment

Everyday we make a promise to our Champions, our employees, and the public—to provide data strategies anchored in the rights of the individual, the responsibilities of the organizations that serve them, and the appropriate collective actions of the ecosystem as a whole.  

Gloo will always choose to anchor ourselves in principles of transparency, choice, and a promise to put people’s wellbeing at the center of everything we do.

We invite you to join us.


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