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Solving problems through research and co-creation.

We work non-stop to create solutions based on in-depth understanding of the problems Champions face when gathering, interpreting, and acting on data about the people and communities they serve.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s next.


Simplified Engagement App

Problem: People don't have access to a secure and trusted place to engage with others and make progress in their personal growth, and to allow multiple applications to work together. Solution: We're developing a simple and elegant mobile interface that enables Champions to deliver content, enable integrations, deploy assessments, and create community around personalized growth journeys.


Problem: Champions struggle to use data to answer their organization's most important questions. Solution: We worked with organizations to understand their most important questions. Answers uses advanced analytics to sort data into groups based on those questions, and provides Champions with a dashboard where they can easily access that information and make decisions.


Problem: Champions have a limited view of what drives decisions and behaviors. Solution: Get a deeper understanding of the values that influence behaviors. Identify personal spiritual styles, whether your people are feeling secure, or they're living at capacity. With Motivations you'll know if your audience prioritizes family or career, tradition or technology, or any number of other attitudes that determine the message and services they're most likely to respond to.


Problem: Champions need a better way to know where people are in their personal growth and measure outcomes. Solution: Use prebuilt assessments from known providers – or create custom assessments to get insights straight from the people who matter most. Then use insights to create customized programs and services, and track personal growth.
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