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Getting Started: Connecting to Explorers

The essential guide to successfully connecting with Explorers. Learn the best practices from Gloo experts and get equipped to quickly develop digital relationships using the Gloo App.

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  • Let's Get Started


Let's Get Started

Whether you're new to Gloo or you're looking for a refresher training, this new course will equip you to build successful relationships with Explorers. We cover four important topics: How to use the Gloo App; Texting Tips to Create Successful Connections; How to Handle At-Risk Conversations; and Building a Team of Responders.

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27 MIN

Join Ashley & Michael as they teach this Getting Started course.

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About Team Gloo

This course has been written and produced by the Church Equipping Team at Gloo. Dedicated to the success of churches, our team of content writers, communication specialists, designers and data analysts work together to produce high-quality and effective content so that leaders like you can successfully incorporate Gloo's digital tools into your ministry strategy.

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