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We introduce you to people who want to talk.
You build more life-changing relationships.

First, our partners reach millions with ongoing campaigns

  • Partners run world-class ad campaigns 24/7

  • Ads are designed to speak to felt needs

  • People are introduced to a caring and loving church

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Next, your church receives new connections in a dedicated inbox

  • Receive up to 12 connections every month
  • See contact info and why people want to talk
  • Assign connections to ministry team members
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Then, use our free texting features to respond and build 2-way relationships

  • You get full access to our free texting features
  • Communicate with connections in-app
  • A 98% open rate makes text the preferred way to connect
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Made available by Kingdom-minded donors

Donors believe in the local church, and have made a commitment to support the Church to do what they do best: build life-changing relationships.

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Churches across the country are connecting
with people from their communities

Chris Cunnington

City on a Hill

"We are really enjoying what you guys are doing. We had our first explorer come to our church last night. She lost two family members to Covid. We started running a grief share class a few weeks ago, so she came last night and joined that."

Sarah Hester

Valley View Christian Church

"Was able to connect over shared experiences and give specific help to her unique issue. God-ordained matching! It's so brilliant, it's just, it's so brilliant."

Jason Morris

Westside Family Church

"We've received more explorers through Gloo than from other programs similar to this. It's been really great. So whatever you are doing to get Explorers to us, keep doing it."

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