Big data with purpose

The world’s first predictive analytics platform built for personal growth.


Reach more people, increase engagement, drive retention, and make decisions with confidence.


Know your people and community

Open the door to deeper relationships with insights into the strengths and needs of the people you serve.

Increase outreach ROI

Get your message in front of the right people at the right time to reduce costs and increase performance.

Engagement and Retention

Match your people to relevant content, messages, and next steps to keep them engaged and returning for more.

Align your strategy

Align decisions about all aspects of your strategy to the people and communities you serve.

Gloo solves problems Champions face when it comes to accessing, analyzing, activating, and securing data.


Better Data

Access to thousands of data attributes for nearly every U.S. consumer—248 million of them.

Deeper Insights

Proprietary models and analytics sort data to identify behaviors, attitudes, and personal growth predictors.

Easily Activate

Launch campaigns to targeted audiences through paid media and direct mail with the push of a button.

Powerful features on their own. Even better together.

All stored and protected according to industry leading privacy and security best practices.

Predictive Analytics

Custom built for Champions, predictive analytics sort through data to uncover the motivations, attitudes, and growth predictors of your audience.


Filter by area (e.g., zip code, city, state) for a visual representation of how health and well-being attributes spread across a specific location.

Audience Builder

Choose from an array of demographic, geographic, and well-being criteria to build audiences based on attributes important to your organization.


Get real-time reports and visualize key information about any audience you create.

Audience Activation

Launch campaigns to targeted audiences on Facebook, Instagram, and direct mail.

Data Enrichment

Enrich your database with unique data attributes, so you can personalize outreach and engagement.

Data Science Services

Data scientists create a precise audience that mirrors the attributes identified in first-party data.

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