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Data Privacy, Security & Trust

Ten years ago, we founded Gloo on what we consider a moral imperative: That the best possible, most trusted data and technology should be available not just to major corporations, but also to those under-resourced churches, addiction recovery centers, and community service organizations that help people grow.

We believe this is the right thing to do. And Gloo is committed to earning trust every day by pursuing the highest standards of data privacy, security, and trust.

Powerful Tools for Positive Impact

Advances in technology, data, and analytics are transforming the world as we know it. Our platform empowers Champions (the individuals and organizations that help people grow) with tools to know more about the people they serve, connect with them more effectively, and match them to the right next steps on their journey towards growth.

We aim to get the right technology into the hands of Champions so they can change more lives for the better.


For Organizations that Change Lives

Gloo is proud to serve a diverse set of organizations that work in a variety of areas in personal growth and wellbeing. Here are just a few of them:

• Providing incarcerated fathers with character-building and employable job skills so they can thrive when they return to their families

• Counseling couples to help them improve their relationships

• Providing support to help people break the debilitating chains of addiction

• Helping people with important financial skills they need to live the life they want

• Providing resources to help people explore their spirituality

We’re committed to ensuring these life-changing organizations can benefit from the countless ways technology helps them leverage their impact.


Built with Data Privacy, Security & Trust

Gloo’s architecture, policies, and practices anchor our commitment to stewardship and providing a trusted platform. We are committed to CCPA, GDPR, and HIPAA as target frameworks for privacy and NIST CSF for security. Included below are highlights of our policies and practices.


Data Rights are Fundamental Rights

California took a conservative position as to what constitutes personal information. Gloo is committed to the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA). Therefore, for Gloo, “personal information” means any information that is reasonably capable of being associated with a particular consumer or household. By doing so we err on the side of the data subject. Furthermore, we do not sell personal information, as defined by CCPA.

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Data Subject Rights

We’re committed to honoring data subject rights. These include the right to request access, deletion, and change your personal information as required by laws like GDPR (for EU data) or CCPA (for personal information from residents of California). We celebrate policy developments like CCPA and GDPR because they drive transparency and give you control over your information.


Trust by Default

Our offerings are designed through our Trust by Default process, guided by privacy impact and security risk assessments and the principle of data minimization. Unless we have obtained your express consent, we will not share your personal information. Otherwise, only de-identified data or aggregate data, which by definition is not identifiable, is reported.

Our Promise

Every day, Gloo makes this promise to our Champions, employees, and the public:

We promise to provide a platform anchored in the rights of the individual, the responsibilities of the organizations that serve them, and the appropriate collective actions of the ecosystem as a whole.

We’ll continue the important work of being a trusted steward and helping our Champions be the same, so they can continue the good work of helping others be all they were born to be.

We Serve Champions

We serve Champions, the people and organizations that stand in the gap for people in their times of need.

If a person cares about helping people grow to be a little closer to all they were born to be, we have common ground...and on that common ground, we will serve that individual to release and magnify the passion that they have to change a life. Whether one life or a million.

Gloo will embrace diversity and will not shy away from our obligation to wrestle with the challenges of using technology to serve those people for good.

Learn more about our data privacy, security and trust policies here