Next Gen Ready Course

Complete the 3-part Next Gen Ready live training course to become better equipped at responding to and reaching the next generation of Explorers.

Live Training Course

Register to join us for the 3-part training course starting Tuesday, August 2 @ 10am (MST).

August 2: Part 1
August 3: Part 2
August 4: Part 3

The Next Gen Ready course will provide an in-depth look at the influences, philosophy, and implications of the secularized Post-Christian cultural shift in the USA, and how your church can respond.

We’ll teach you a powerful digital evangelism strategy to reach hundreds of thousands of secular young people who will not walk into a church today.

SUGGESTED PREREQUISITE COURSE: Before attending this live training course, we ask that you take a moment to watch the Getting Started: Connecting to Explorers course, first (link below).

Getting Started is the introductory course for churches looking to participate in partner outreach campaigns and build meaningful relationships with Explorers through digital communication.

* Click the "Watch Getting Started" button below to watch the "Getting Started" course.

Topics we’ll cover:

  • CheckMark_RedPart 1: How To Develop Real Friendships With Non-Religious People
  • CheckMark_RedPart 2: How to Start Spiritual Conversations with Non-Religious People
  • CheckMark_RedPart 3: How to Introduce Jesus and the Message of the Cross to Non-Religious People


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