Big Data. For Good. Done Right. Meet the world's first big data platform built for personal growth and development.

Get an unprecedented look into your community and audience. Use Insights to tailor your message, attract more people, and build trusting relationships.

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Know your people

Get the knowledge you need to change lives for the better. Understand your customers, members, or donors based on unique and relevant insights tailor-made for your market.

Know your community

Discover and connect with the people who need your help. Data models combine traits and behaviors to generate deep insights on your potential audience, so you can be proactive in finding and connecting with them.

Expand your business with confidence

Go to the right people. Location-based insights help you find the people and communities who need you. Identify the optimal location for new sites based on the profile of the people who live in that community.

Match the right message to the right person

Make sure your first impression is the right impression. Develop messaging that meets the needs of specific individuals in your market, then match it right to them.

Measure your impact

Metrics show you what’s working, and how well. Improve ROI and reduce acquisition costs when you understand the people in your market: their needs, pains and propensities. When you know more, you can do better.

Personalize your programs and offerings

Create new programs and products based on your market's needs. Data-driven insights help you understand where your people are in their growth journey so you can customize offerings or products to meet needs and build brand equity.

The first consumer data platform built for personal growth and development

Gloo Insights is the first data platform ever built to help improve the lives of individuals, the health of families, and the vitality of communities. It combines thousands of data attributes for nearly every U.S. consumer so you can understand each person in your market and how you might engage with them.

Insights has attributes on 248 million people in the US, and all that data is heavily protected according to industry leading privacy and security best practices.

Relevant analytics for a 360º view of your community

Gloo Insights starts with analytics such as age, location, income and other demographics. It combines the resulting data with behaviors and attitudes to develop models that illustrate a variety of growth and wellbeing-related predictors. These models are driven by machine-learning that improves over time. The more one uses Insights, the smarter and more helpful it becomes.

These scores and models help Champions discover the unique needs and propensities in their market so they can reach out to people who are most likely to benefit from their services.

Services to help you reach your community with precision

Insights are only as good as the actions they drive. So, whether you’re an expert in data and marketing or you’re just getting started, our team of specialists can help you capitalize on the Insights you gain from the platform.

Maximize your capacity to change lives by using insights from big data, so you can find the people who need you, reach them earlier, and lead them on a journey towards growth.

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Gloo offers a full stack of products built to help you develop people, scale your organization, and make an impact.

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