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Thriving churches. Flourishing people.

Gloo’s platform provides the insights for you to know the people in your church and community better, help them flourish, and make strategic ministry decisions with confidence.

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Holistic insights to uncover hidden opportunities for church ministry and outreach.

Address the needs of your church's people—no matter where they are at in life.

Know your people. Know your community. Foster deeper relationships with insights into the strengths and needs of the people you serve.
Personalize your approach. Provide value. Match your people to relevant content, messages, and next steps to keep them engaged and returning for more.
Measure what works. Track real outcomes. View your successes and impact across indicators for personal and organizational wellness.

Tools that deepen engagement and empower your community to thrive.

Today, more than ever, your church’s success depends on your ability to customize experiences and give people actionable next steps.

Built uniquely for network growth.

Access aggregate data that highlights opportunities, informs leadership, and galvanizes your network with a platform and common metrics.


Align the churches you serve and know what's working in real-time to grow your ministry network.

  • Quickly share content, best practices, and tools within a common platform. 
  • Visually interact with aggregate data on your network in a user-friendly map view. 
  • Grow your membership by offering access to innovative insights that can be directly applied in the ministry field.

Leading the charge with trusted industry privacy and security best practices.

Gloo's security, privacy, and compliance capabilities are designed to meet or exceed requirements under U.S. privacy laws, HIPAA, GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act ("CCPA").

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