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Our partners run ongoing digital campaigns on Gloo

People are searching online every day for answers to their biggest questions—and for help with their greatest needs. We call these people Explorers.

The campaigns are uniquely designed to connect with these Explorers, and position your church to provide the answers. Media is run locally 24/7 through channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google and others—to help people understand that churches care, and that yours is here to help. This means you'll see a variety of Explorers who are eager to connect.

Campaigns are cooperatively funded with contributions from donors, and grow with every new church that joins.


People encounter a message of hope & an invitation to connect

We want Explorers to know that churches care about them as a whole person, which is why our outreach campaigns focus on a variety of areas of health and well-being. 

Every piece of content, quiz, video, and image is built to help online Explorers receive a message of hope, and an invitation to connect with your church. 

Topics include areas like relationships, marriage, loneliness, faith, anxiety, and many others.

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We introduce them to you so you can do what you do best

Gloo sends a message directly to you, a volunteer, or someone from your team, including the Explorer’s contact information and details on why they wanted to connect. 

You can message them directly in-app, assign them to a member of your ministry team, and update their connection status.

We give you everything including all kinds of resources to help you engage them well.


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