It’s time to rethink how you attract, engage and retain your patients.

Big data gives you the power to overhaul acquisition and care strategies to reduce costs, increase conversions, improve brand image, and maximize your capacity to change lives.

Let us show you how.

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Top innovators focus on building relationships that educate consumers, respond to their needs, and match them to the right products and services. With the right tools, processes and technology, behavioral health centers can do the same.

Know who needs your help

Understand those in need with custom models and analytics specifically designed for recovery.

Reach the right people, sooner

Attract more qualified leads with targeted messaging, where they’re most likely to see it and take action.

Customize the pathway to recovery

Create a tailored journey into recovery, and optimize for engagement each step of the way.

So you can:

Increase awareness and trust

Focus on patients and their unique needs to improve public perception, and gain trust from patients and their loved ones.

Convert more inquiries

Increase acquisitions, and see patients enter treatment sooner, with relevant and personalized marketing.

Improve outcomes

Track metrics so you can do more of what's working; reduce your cost-per-acquisition and better serve people.

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It’s a proven model to get more people on a journey to recovery. 

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