Technology-Driven Mentorship for Your Dental Organization

Enable peer-to-peer learning and mentorship to reduce ramp time, increase productivity, and drive predictable outcomes. Let us show you how.

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One solution. Multiple Benefits.

Engage the Experts in Your Organization

Employees are the most overlooked knowledge base in your organization. Make it easy for them to share their insights.

Give Power to the People

Mentors and mentees engage on their own terms, formally or informally through any device.

Get Actionable Insights

Analytics help you know more about the progress and needs of your people—so you can do more of what works.

Turn Your Company Into a Community

Help your employees feel closer to each other and the company, regardless of their office

Retain Your Top Talent

People don’t leave companies, they leave people. Helping them grow will help them stay.

Ensure Positive Patient Experiences

Learn how to engage and retain your patients. Turn good practices into great patient experiences.

Reduce Ramp Time.

Strengthen skills by connecting new hires to the right content, coaches and mentors to bring them up to speed faster, and keep veteran employees sharp.

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Increase Productivity.

Use winning practice strategies to quickly create case studies and action plans, so that the best behaviors become the best practices across the organization.

Expand With Confidence.

Measure the business impact of team learning and mentorship to drive better performance and better clinical outcomes.  

Grow Your People. Grow Your Business.

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See How it Works