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Connections & Messaging

An easy, safe way for you to pray for and engage with new Explorers matched with your church.

Explorer Inbox

New Explorers matched with your church will appear in your Explorers Inbox, along with their contact info and why they reached out. You can respond directly, assign them to a team member, and update their connection status after reaching out.

Explorer Settings & Profile

Customize your experience by choosing when to start and pause receiving Explorer connections and adding team members to receive connections.

Prayer Requests Inbox

Incoming Explorer prayer requests automatically appear in your Prayer Requests Inbox, where you can respond, assign it to a team member, and mark when you’ve prayed for them.


Kickstart your messaging to Explorers with pre-written, ready-to-send texts. You’ll find texts for new visitors, new believers, prayer ministry, baptism, small groups, and so much more.

Series Messages

Keep Explorers engaged by setting up a series of outgoing messages that they can sign up for by texting in a keyword. Create your own prayer or devotional series or use one of our templates to get started quickly.


Once an Explorer is connected as a deeper member of your church community, you can send personalized one-to-many messages that actually get read. Whether it’s a note of encouragement for the morning, a teaching for the evening, or urgent info, just select when you want to send.

Automated Responses

With unlimited keywords, set up answers to frequently asked questions about your church then let the app respond automatically to Explorers for you using natural language processing.

Texting Simulator

Forget pre-send anxiety. Test your messages, automated responses, and more before sending to Explorers.

Outreach Services

Campaigns on Gloo are run 24/7 through channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google and others to help you connect with people who don’t normally go to church.

Core Campaigns

Campaigns run 24/7 around core felt needs such as anxiety and relationships, for people who need prayer, or to reach people who have questions about Jesus.

Partner Campaigns

Campaigns run by other faith organizations around “big C” church initiatives. You can choose to receive Explorer connections from these campaigns as well.

Campaign Reporting

Get insights into how the local and national campaigns are doing inside the Connect Hub.

Equipping Resources

When Explorers are matched with your church, you’ll receive training and resources so you can engage them well.

Outreach Resources

Explore resources, events, courses, memberships, and more created by our partners to help you serve Explorers.

Customer Success Team

Get friendly, ongoing support from our team including training and resources to help you make the most of your Explorer connections.

Private Facebook Community

Connect with other faith leaders to share best practices when engaging with your new Explorer connections.

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