Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Gloo. If you still have unanswered questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to talk more!

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Who is an Explorer?

An Explorer is a person who is either searching online for answers in a time of need or is looking for a church, community, or experiencing any other life transition.

Gloo focuses on connecting Explorers who need prayer, have questions about Jesus, or just want a conversation with a real human with local churches that can provide encouragement and support.

How do you decide which church gets connected to the Explorer?

The Explorer’s response is routed to a nearby church based on their zip code. If the Explorer is in an area where local connections are not yet live, they will be routed to a church that has a virtual or remote program to serve that Explorer’s need.

How many connections will I get in a week?

The number of responses may vary depending on how many individuals in your area ask to connect. We can’t guarantee a specific number of connections, but we will send as many your way as possible.

In the future, you will be able to adjust the maximum number of Explorers you feel you are equipped to handle in a week and can pause incoming connections as needed. We can’t guarantee a specific number of connections, but we will send as many your way as possible.

Can more than one staff member get the connection messages?

Yes. After confirming your church’s participation, you may add additional staff members to your account to receive the responses. Only one primary contact is required to start receiving connection messages from Explorers.

How should I reach out to the Explorer?

The easiest way is to respond directly to them in the app. Once you’ve gotten in touch, you can then start building the relationship by having a conversation over the phone, inviting them to have coffee, getting them signed up with a local program, referring them to community resources, helping them join a life group, and more.

What happens if I can’t get in touch with the Explorer?

This is a normal experience. People in need may be interested in support in one moment and not the next. Sending a message in-app is a great way to start because it can be less intimidating for the Explorer than a phone call or email. Try a couple of times and if you still don’t hear back, don’t be disheartened—know you provided a caring response. Please also let us know that you couldn’t get in touch with the Explorer in the feedback survey you receive after the connection response is sent.

Can I provide feedback on the connection process?

We welcome any and all feedback that will help us connect more online Explorers with your church. Both your church and the Explorer will receive a feedback survey 2 days after the connection was made.

What resources are available to help me support these Explorers well?

You’ll have access to a growing collection of in-depth resources including guides, videos, tools, ongoing training, member events, and more—all made to help you respond effectively in your ministry context and nurture connections with Explorers. You’ll also be invited to join the Engaged Church Community private Facebook group where you can connect with other churches serving Explorers around the country. For questions and any other support, you can send us a chat.

What is natural language processing?

Natural language processing is the ability for an app or software to use keywords to detect what a person is looking for and provide them with an answer automatically. For example when responding to Explorers, you can set up automated responses to share your church’s address or weekly service times.

Who decides what topics are covered in the core campaigns?

The core campaigns are developed through a combination of research and local inputs. Research teams collaborate with strategic partners to optimize the campaigns run on Gloo in addition to ongoing feedback provided by local participating faith leaders.

Who can I talk to if I have questions?

You can send us a chat anytime.