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Trust by Default, Privacy by Design

We know that you recognize that relationships are built upon a foundation of trust—between you and the people you serve and between you and the technology you use to support your mission. We operate under the imperative to ethically use the power of data to promote the individual and societal benefits of personal growth.

Experience a trusted, personal growth platform.

At Gloo, we believe that helping people be all that they were born to be catalyzes communities. With this as our foundation, we built technology to accelerate the contributions of Champions, the individuals, and organizations that help people grow.

Architected for the unique needs and considerations of Champions, Gloo is the first platform built to improve lives, the health of families, and the vitality of communities.

As a technology provider, our first order of business was and continues to be leading the charge in implementing a trust architecture (including privacy, security, and regulatory compliance) that organizations and individuals alike should insist upon.

See below for access to our specific policies that are readily available online.

For Champions

At Gloo we’re proud to work with some of the best people and organizations in the world. The Champions we serve do important work every day, such as:

  • Provide incarcerated fathers with character and job skills so they can be at their best when they return to their families
  • Counsel couples to help them improve their relationships
  • Heal people who struggle with alcohol and opioid abuse
  • Teach families important financial skills so they can live generously
  • Guide individuals who are looking to explore their spirituality
  • Drive city-wide health and wellness transformation

We’re committed to ensuring these service-minded organizations can benefit from the countless ways technology helps them expand their positive impact.

Powerful Tools for Positive Impact

New technology, data and analytics are transforming the world as we know it. Information is generated, 24/7, 365 days a year. By analyzing this data organizations are able to know more about us than ever and use that knowledge to match us to content, people, and products.

Data-informed intelligence is more relevant than ever—big data, AI, analytics . . . aren’t going away. So why do we care so much?

Because we want to get the right technology into the hands of Champions so they can change more lives for the better. 

Done Right

Gloo’s security, privacy, and compliance capabilities are designed to meet or exceed requirements under U.S. privacy laws , HIPAA, GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”).

These standards ensure that data is collected, stored, analyzed, and applied in ways that provide access to information in balance with the rights to privacy and data protection.

Our architecture, policies and practices anchor on our commitment to excellent data stewardship and providing a trusted platform. An abbreviated set of highlights is set forth for you below.

  • Data Subject Rights. We’re committed to honoring data subject rights in all contexts, with limited exceptions. which include the right to request access, deletion and change your personal information regardless of whether such a right is legally required by laws like GDPR (for EU data) or CCPA (for personal information from residents of California). To that end, we celebrate policy developments like CCPA and GDPR because they drive transparency and give you control over your information.
  • Trust by Default. Our assessment tool (and other offerings) were designed through our integrated trust by design process, guided by privacy impact and security risk assessments and the principle of data minimization.
  • Privacy by Design. We only share personal information (PI) with your express consent. We share only aggregate information (which is not PI). We further use data to provide and improve our services and as well as associate participants with relevant datasets and analytics.
  • Security. When people submit their assessment questions, they can be certain their information is well-protected by security controls and our data protection program.

Investments in Data Privacy & Security

In line with our commitment to privacy, security, and the ethical use of data, our board invests significantly in our data governance strategies and practices.

We've formed an external Data Privacy & Security Association (Trust Association) comprised of leading experts from the industry—along with representatives from our partners and customers who are highly invested in ensuring that our practices are world-class—this Trust Association is responsible for ensuring that our governance processes continue to lead the industry.

By way of example, the Trust Association curated sets of standards for security, privacy, data handling, performance, architecture and other key areas to assure our own practices and those Champions operating on our platform achieve the highest level of compliance. Gloo works with independent, nationally recognized security and audit firms to test and retest our processes and assure compliance. We are in the process of obtaining our SOC Type 2 certification now.

We are thankful for their help, commitment, and oversight.

Our Promise

We believe that technology is not only important in the world we live in, but that it has the potential to be a force for human thriving.

Every day, we make a promise to our Champions, our employees, and the public:

We promise to provide a platform anchored in the rights of the individual, the responsibilities of the organizations that serve them, and the appropriate collective actions of the ecosystem as a whole.

Gloo will always choose to anchor in principles of transparency, choice, and the unwavering commitment to put people’s well-being at the center of everything we do.

We’ll continue the important work of being a trusted steward of data and helping our Champions be the same, so they can continue the good work of helping others be all they were born to be.

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