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Who is an online Explorer

An online Explorer is a person who is either searching online for answers in a time of need or is looking for a church, community, or experiencing any other life transition. This program focuses on connecting Explorers in a time of need with local churches who can provide encouragement and support.

How do you decide which church gets connected to the Explorer?

The Explorer’s response is routed to a nearby church based on their zip code.

How many connections will I get in a week?

You can expect to receive between 0 and 10 incoming responses in your email per week. The number of responses may vary depending on how many individuals in your area ask to connect. We can’t guarantee a specific number of connections, but we will send as many your way as possible.

Can more than one staff member get the responses via email?

Yes. After confirming your church’s participation, you may add additional staff members to receive the responses in your email. You can also create a team “alias” email for your prayer, care, or outreach team so it goes to more than one team member.

How should I reach out to the Explorer?

There are many ways to start a conversation with an Explorer including by text, call, or email. Once you’ve gotten in touch, you can then start building the relationship by having a conversation over the phone, inviting them to have coffee, getting them signed up with a local program, referring them to community resources, helping them join a life group, and more!

What happens if I can’t get in touch with the Explorer?

This is a normal experience. People in need may be interested in support in one moment and not the next. If you reached out first with a call or email, sometimes a text is a great way to start because it can be less intimidating for the Explorer. Try a couple of times and know you provided a caring response. Please also let us know that you couldn’t get in touch with the Explorer in the feedback survey you receive 2 days after the Explorer connection email is sent.

Can I provide feedback on the connection process?

We welcome any and all feedback that will help us connect more online Explorers with your church. Both your church and the Explorer will receive a feedback survey 2 days after the connection was made.

What topics is Gloo focusing on right now for Connect?

Gloo is currently focused on sharing a hopeful, Christian message around: anxiety, stress, loneliness, hope, prayer, the Bible, forgiveness, body image, marriage, relationships, sadness, and anger.

What resources are available to help me support these Explorers well?

As a Gloo Premium Member, you’ll have access to playbooks and guides in our Knowledge Center with training on how to engage Explorers., a City Concierge, an invitation to join the Engaged Church Community private Facebook group, local referral resources, and more.

This program isn’t available in my city, when can I sign up?

This Gloo Connect feature is rolling out in select cities and is now available in Dallas-Ft Worth, South Florida, Kansas City, Charlotte, and Columbus. We are working to expand to new cities. In the meantime, you can sign up for the FREE Gloo account and be the first to know when it is live in your city.

Who can I talk to if I have questions?

You can email us at anytime.