Big Data. For Good. Done Right.

Why data integrity is key when serving those who do good work.



Information is a powerful resource in today’s world; and data analytics have become powerful tools. Like any tool, they have the potential to be misused, but in the right hands, data insights have the potential—and the strong need—to improve lives everywhere. 

The teams here at Gloo are dedicated to serving organizations that change lives for the better. We call these organizations Champions, and we get to work with some of the best in the world that are focused on:

- Providing incarcerated fathers with character and job skills so they can be at their best when they return to their families

- Counseling couples to help them improve their relationships

- Healing people that struggle with alcohol and opioid abuse

- Teaching families important financial skills so they can live comfortably

- Guiding individuals that are looking to explore their spirituality

- Driving city-wide health and wellness transformation

As technologists, we saw the need to help Champions leverage the power of data so they could better understand the needs of the people they serve and match them to the right next steps towards growth.

This led us to build a new kind of data management platform … that was architected in a totally different way.

Gloo Insights is the first data platform built specifically to help improve the lives of individuals, the health of families, and the vitality of communities. Our models and metrics are not built around consumerism or mass influence, but around championing the wellbeing of others.

That’s why, as our clients and partners know, we have key commitments to industry-leading ethics, security, and governance around data.

Big Data

Data and analytics are transforming the world as we know it. Information is being collected by many different parties, all of the time, 24/7, 365 days a year. Data-informed intelligence is more relevant than ever, and big data, AI, analytics … aren’t going away. So why do we care so much?

Because these can be used to generate valuable insights that make a big positive difference in people’s lives. Champions need to have access to cutting edge capabilities; so they can change more lives for the better.

For Good

For the most part, companies have been using big data to sell us things. We use data differently. Big data insights are like modern-day superpowers… and we want to give these powers to the organizations and individuals who are working to help people become better.

There’s a common process to positive growth and change, and it starts with knowledge. At the beginning of a growth journey, it helps to know where someone is starting from, and where they want to go. Then, they can get the right experiences to help them improve an area of their life.

Assessments and data insights help people understand where they are in their personal growth process. Also, these insights can help Champions match people to the right growth experiences, and see progress.

We’re committed to ensuring these service-minded organizations can benefit from the countless ways that technology helps them expand their positive impact.

Done Right

There needs to be a major shift in big data processes: from collection, to ownership, to application. The move toward GDPR where users own their data and grant explicit rights to others for use of their data is in alignment with our thinking. We are a part of that positive change.

- Acquisition - We source our data from top-tier data providers with longstanding reputations in the data management industry.

- Collection - Gloo’s attitude is that every organization in the Gloo network owns their own data. The way we see it, it’s your organization’s data; you own it.

- Security - Industry leading standard encryption practices encode all identifiable information, so everyone stays safe.

- Transparency - We do not believe in black boxes. We believe that data practices, architectures, and methodologies should be open and easy to understand.

- Control - We offer advanced access controls and privacy at every level of the data hierarchy —all the way down to each data point.

- Governance - Gloo has adopted and adheres to industry standard data governance practices.

Investments in Data Privacy & Security

Our board approved another significant investment in our overall data governance strategies and practices. We have formed an external Data Privacy & Security committee, which reports directly to the Gloo board and will be responsible for ensuring that our governance processes continue to lead the industry. This committee will have independent security firms testing our processes, and will have a nationally recognized auditing firm evaluating all of the systems and processes at Gloo.

This committee is comprised of leading experts from the industry, along with representatives from our partners & customers who are highly invested in ensuring that our practices are world-class.

We are thankful for their help, commitment and oversight.

We are trustworthy stewards of data.

Data is increasingly important in the world we live in, and we believe using the power of data for good is essential and a moral imperative. We want the data services of the future to be mission-driven forces for good - and that’s exactly how we serve.

Everyday, we make a promise to our Champions, our employees, and the public—to provide data strategies anchored in the rights of the individual, the responsibilities of the organizations that serve them, and the appropriate collective actions of the ecosystem as a whole.  

Gloo will always choose to anchor ourselves in principles of transparency, choice, and a promise to put people’s wellbeing at the center of everything we do.

We’ll continue the important work of being a trusted steward of data and helping our Champions be the same, so they can continue the good work of helping others be all they were born to be.