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At Gloo, we don’t just build great apps. We focus on the right insights, connections, and friendly tools that make it easier for the Church to unleash the immense capacity it already has.

By helping churches and people connect to each other, and then powering those connections with the right tools, we extend the Church's capacity to reach, know and move every person it serves.

Connecting & Equipping the Church

The faith ecosystem is a rich collection of organizations, ministries, and individuals who can serve every facet of needs of a community. Gloo builds easy and powerful pathways so that every one of these participants can both give to, and benefit from the others.




Content Providers

Service Partners


More Informed

Despite the rapid growth of data and information all around us, we’re hearing from pastors and leaders that it’s more difficult than ever to truly know how our people are doing.

Gloo puts information into the hands of leaders. This includes a picture into the well-being of your current people, the ability to see your people’s trends in the context of what’s going on around you, and additional, deep insights into the current state and needs of the communities where you serve.

Our goal is not just to drive incremental increases to your church's outcomes, but to completely transform the impact possible for the entire Church through responsibly shared information.

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Better Connected

We’re re-shaping the ways that churches, ministries, and people connect with each other. This allows you to serve a range of needs ranging from spiritual development, relationships, health, vocation, prayer, financial training and more.

When churches adopt a truly outward-facing approach to digital outreach, the connections are profound...and surprising.

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Fully Equipped

Having the right information and connections is essential to transforming lives and communities.

But who can help to make sense of the data? Who can help translate insights into the right next steps?

Gloo partners with the best and most effective organizations who are helping churches turn ideas into strategy. These include publishers, service providers, network partners, denominations, tech companies, donors, ministries and more.

By providing a common platform, removing friction, and providing the right infrastructure for all, Gloo is helping to equip every leader with the right tools to succeed.

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Our Leadership

Scott Beck

CEO & Founder

Brad Hill

Chief Solutions Officer

Stuart Fullinwider

Chief Financial Officer

Brian Johnson

Head of Product

Ben Gauthier

Head of Engineering

Pat Gelsinger


Scott Kriens


Jack Furst



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