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We’re combining the power of big data and platform technology to transform the way you invite, engage, grow and retain the people in your community. Sign up, and be the first to know when it’s ready.

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A Powerful Platform Service, Multiple Benefits

Know Your Community

Gloo creates custom analytics on the city surrounding your church; including spiritual formation, relationship health, wellness and more. With these insights you can customize your messages to invite new attendees.

Activate Your Insights

Our team can help you deliver targeted and effective advertising through Facebook and direct mail. This drives awareness in your local community and gets more people in the door.

Know Your Congregation

Get the same relevant insights on your congregation, so that you can tailor your ministry towards the individuals in your church. Create platform-enabled content that meets their needs.

Engage and Grow

Create custom growth experiences built to help new members find their place in the church, understand how to contribute, and stay engaged between gatherings.

Identify Key Needs

Data analysis gives you the power to understand what really matters to the people in your community; and when you know them better, you can serve them better. Use these results to improve your offerings, and retain your congregation.

Personalize Your Ministries

To be successful, churches need to know their people, and match them to the right experiences. Use Gloo’s robust toolset to contextualize your messaging, send custom marketing, and create programs that get people in the door and engage them for the long haul.

Keep People Engaged

Enrich relationships in between gatherings. Use Gloo’s engagement-focused tools to connect with your people, and keep them thriving in your church. Create custom experiences, recommend content, guide their next steps, and encourage them.

Expand With Confidence

Community Insights allow you to better understand the residents of a local area. Learn about the community right outside your doors, or scope out the best neighborhood for your future campus.

Get the Insights. Engage Your Church.

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How It Works

Get Started

Gloo’s dedicated team works with your church’s basic information to get the process started. Even from a church of a few hundred, we do the heavy lifting to get results.

Get Your Insights

Insights are generated from our unique database. You’ll see one of a kind psychometric data and demographics for a deeper understanding of your congregants or community.


Our Insight Strategists will work with you, to analyze the data. Based on what you know, we’ll help create the best plan of action, customized to your goals.


Tailor your approach; custom social media, direct mail and programming are just a few ways to make sure you get the right message to right person at the right time.


Keep people engaged after they’ve been invited; use Gloo’s tech-enabled tools to connect them with the right people and experiences, to keep them coming back.