Software for developing people

Gloo gives organizations the power to change more lives, scale their missions, and make an impact.

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Software designed to power growth relationships.

Gloo gives the superpowers of technology to mentors, managers, pastors, teachers, therapists and others to develop their people in the time between face-to-face meetings.

The Tech You Need to Develop Your People

See what’s important now, and take action.

Understand how your people are growing. Recommend content, guide next steps, and encourage them. Get actionable insights, and easily focus your attention to ensure progress never stalls.

Connect in a familiar way.

Keep people engaged in the time between your face-to-face meetings. Chat, discuss and share, similar to the social networks you're already using.

Gain actionable insights across your organization.

Get admin dashboards, access control, and in-depth reporting. That way you can maintain control and do more of what’s working. 

Utilize meaningful content.

It’s easier than ever for anyone to use personalized growth programs, assessments, quizzes and curated content. Discover scores of great resources from pros, or develop specialized programs that your people will love.
Strategically Used By

“Serving our clients on Gloo has helped to reduce our service costs by 55%. Even more importantly, our newfound ability to see and track engagement has helped us make intelligent improvements to our program.”
Alicia La Hoz Founder and CEO, Family Bridges
“Gloo not only provides mobile digital engagement to our radio listeners, but provides the tools we need to move 1 in 5 users beyond just listening to growing others.”
Dennis Rainey President and CEO, FamilyLife
“Our facilitators use Gloo to engage TYRO men’s groups in the gap between meetings. Clients that were active on Gloo were 33% more likely to attend the next course in our offering. That’s a big deal for us.”
Ron and Kathy Tijerina Founders, Ridge
“Putting our content on Gloo has enabled us to connect with our clients in a unique and engaging way. Before attending our anxiety and depression program, they’ve been able to learn and grow, better preparing them for the face-to-face experience.”
Jordan Christner National Director of Community Outreach, Meier Clinics

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